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Our Quality

kearsley Essentials Sateen in White with Taupe Band Photo by Patrice Ward

Kearsley creates the world’s finest linens with a simple formula. We partner with the very best weavers and only use the very best fibers for each category.  Unlike most textiles on the market, our fabrics are created by highly experienced artisans in Italy, who work in family-run workrooms in Lombardi, growing, processing, and weaving fibers in the best possible ways and to the highest environmental standard of the EU.  Read More…   

Our Heritage

Tudor Bespoke for a private client on Cornwall Essentials Sateen


The name Kearsley, like the wool trade itself, is endemic to the north of England, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire where it has thrived since the late middle ages. Read more

Wave Embroidered LInen

ethics and environment

We are passionate about the environment and our people. Honesty, quality and Fair Trade are at the heart of what we do from the sourcing of sustainable raw materials to the treatment of our experts.

what we stand for

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