A few words on Kearsley’s History and quality

The story of Kearsley textiles begins at least 450 years ago in Lancashire and Yorkshire England and Suffolk & Hampshire as far back as 750 years ago. As Shakespeare sought to weave his work into the fabric of history, Kearsley literally wove. In life and on stage Kearsley and Shakespeare draped kings, queens, villains and lovers in the finery of the time.  This family legacy is carried on today by award-winning interior designer and founder Heather Kearsley, as she mixes tradition with a modern and fresh look in couture linens and accessories.

The Kearsley difference starts with our fabrics (although our exceptionally fine sewing is no less important).  Whatever textile we are creating, we use the finest materials ethically and ecologically available. Of the 38 grades of Egyptian cotton, Kearsley uses only the best because these fibers are longer and stronger they do not require chemicals to make them soft or stay together.  Our fabrics, if properly cared for, will look great, get softer and last beautifully.

Lights on: What do your linens say about you? It sounds obvious, but the bed is the focal point of your bedroom. With our huge range of bespoke fabrics, colors and expert seamstresses, Kearsley can enhance your already fabulous bedroom. Or let our award-winning team create a new unique experience.

Lights off: How do you like to sleep? Are you a warm sleeper or do you need a cozy bed? There are many different answers to making you comfortable, and thread count is just one component. We will customize your bedding to your personal preference for your optimal sleep.

Lights on or lights off: All of Kearsley’s linens and accessories are made to make you feel special and are designed specifically for you.

Sleep better knowing that Kearsley is an ethical company that strives to use only sustainably grown textiles that are produced with fair labor and that honor the environment.  We are concerned with the health of our land and oceans and improving the lives of those with whom we share this planet. 

Kearsley for the King, Queen, Villain or Lover in your life.

Contact Kearsley for information or a quote on our made to order linens. 

Email: kearsley@kearsleyhome.com or Tel: +1 707 935-7273


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